Queenstown Bike Tours also offers electric options for bicycle hire. New this season we have eBikes made by Moustache Bikes in France. These are the world’s most reliable, efficient and easy to ride bikes available.

They feature the clever Bosch eBike system which allows you to power along with as much or as little effort as you wish. Just apply any amount of pressure to the pedals and the small motor promptly starts assisting you, up hills and all-about and stops assisting the split second you stop pedalling.  The result is a bike that is extremely simple and fun to ride.

If you choose an electric bike the cost is $65 on top of any full day hire or our wine tour. Bookings are essential, so please ensure to mention you would like an electric bike when filling in the enquiry form.

The smile on your dial…priceless!!

Why hire electric?

  • Helps you through the hills
  • Just want to do a bit of sightseeing without too much exertion
  • Enables you to keep up with the rest of the family
  • Assists injured hips, knees that have trouble pushing too much
  • Just because you are on holiday and they are great fun!